Alphabet Photography

We have been set a photography task, where we need to find ‘naturally occuring’ shapes which form letters from the alphabet. We were shown the website to look at for inspiration. This website is able to generate any word when typed in, here’s an example of my first name below:


We are allowed to complete this task in pairs or by ourself. I decided to team up with Amy Wichelow who is on my course and in my seminar group.

We were also shown this photo. This uses a visual theme throughout of various buildings taken from ground view up. We were asked to consider a visual theme when photographing, Amy and I decided on a Metal theme. This was purely because we found a few letters almost instantaneously made out of metal.


   Here are the letters L and T that we found:


After finally finding all of the alphabet I was then able to use my skills learnt from a Photoshop workshop to put each image onto a poster using layer masks. For the task we were asked to avoid using any photoshop to edit the images to look like letters as they were supposed to be naturally occurring. But I didn’t realise that till I was 3/4 of the way through editing the letters, so as a result I’ve made a non-edited and edited version of the poster-image.



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