Temporal Expressions – Daniel Crooks

  The next task given is to explore ‘Temporal Expressions’ and to reflect on ‘space and time’. Artists such as Daniel Crooks tests the concepts of space and time through many digital technologies like Time Slice. Crooks creates his prints by taking small portions from a moving or still image and then combine it with a similar moving or still image. It makes the viewer have the sense that the still image is causing time to progress.

After researching Crooks work, I reproduced some of his work with my own still images that were taken through continuous shooting

2014-05-19 18.36.552014-05-19 18.36.57



This was my first attempt at duplicating the style of Crooks work. I simply used Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and edited the Hue/Saturation and the Colour Balance to both images. Then by placing both layers on top of each other, I used the selection tool and the erased the top layer to reveal the other layer’s image.

Below are some other examples I created from continuous images using the same process.



Reflection – With this interpretation I think some images came out better than others. As with the two images of the woman walking past the wall of graffiti, my first attempt was the image with the smaller slices. But, I didn’t think it gave the right effect like with Crooks work so I started again and increased the slices and edited the saturation similar to Crooks. I think two images of the cat worked well as I used 3 different shots that were taken continuously and from my SLR camera on a tripod. Out of all the examples I did, I think the cat image gives the best effect of time moving through a still image. 


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