Temporal Expressions – David Hockney

David Hockney also explored a similar photographic technique to Crooks. Hockney produced photocollages known as “joiners” in which he arranged a number of Polaroid prints of the same subject and placed them in a grid layout. This allowed the viewer to see the movements of the subject.

From this, I replicated Hockney’s work by creating “joiners” from two still images I have taken.

yopsd LouLou

I did this on Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and edited the images into a grid layout similar to Hockney’s. As it is a single image and not various Polaroids I enhanced the brightness of a few of the grids. To give the sense that it was either two separate images or two images taking from different points of view.

I then did another “joiner” image by using 3 different images of the same subject but with the subject in a different position. I then edited a few of the sections in the joiner image as the lighting in each image was too similar so it didn’t give the full effect.

2014-06-09 13.21.59 2014-06-09 13.22.03 2014-06-09 13.22.06


Reflection – Looking back on this reinterpretation of Hockney’s work for the grid photo collage I would have liked to instead get continuous shots of the subject rather than editing one still image. That way it would give the viewer the same effect of time moving in a image like Hockney’s “joiner” images do. However, I really like the outcome and it is something I would explore further. 


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