Temporal Expressions – Long and Short Exposure

Light Painting –

We were asked to produce creative photo images which exploit long exposure and keep to the theme of ‘Cycle’. I used my Canon SLR to capture light moving by changing the shutter speed. It took a couple of shots to get the framing right and movement of light.

As seen in the picture below the full light painting has been cut off.


Once I had corrected the framing of each light painting, I then edited the brightness/contrast of each picture as the camera picked up the light of the background, which decreases the focus on the subject. 


Below are my final results of light painting, I kept to the them of cycle by creating circles from the light.  I used the shutter speed 1/30”, ISO at 100, and the aperture F5.6 and took the images in a dark room.

LongExposure1 LongExposure2 LongExposure3 LongExposure4

Motion blur –

Is a type of short exposure photography it captures any movement in a still shot. Here are some professional examples below:


Below is my result of short exposure photography:



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