Researching Poster Ideas

After deciding to base my poster idea around the use of passport stamps, I researched some visual ideas. Here are some I found below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.14.02

I really like the idea of having a passport as the background, I could incorporate this into my work by just overlaping passport stamps above the passport. I want my poster to be universally understandable, therefore I will include a globe,map and/or ellipse as this represents the world to everyone.

I also really like the the stamps in the 2012 poster as it was a similar idea I had but instead I thought to use the countries flag.

I’ve noted that the colours of the passport stamps should be black, red and green as these are the majority colours used from the research I found. I also like the idea of putting planes into an ellipse similar to a stamp to fill any white space.


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