Meeting my group members

For our Design for Digital Media Environments unit we have been put into groups of 3 to create functional bit of php talking to a mysql database. The website can be based on whatever we agree on. After our group meeting we quickly decided on making a University dating website as this would include a sign up page, profile page and a page to filter and search for a potential dating match.

We have been set the task to create a page in regular HTML5 CSS3 which will be used in the web app that we are creating together. We needed to get together and get a picture of all of us together along with a short biography and profile pictures.

Below is our group picture, which will be incorporated into the ‘About Us’ webpage:

Photo on 23-03-2015 at 13.30

After our group discussion, we decided that I was best suited to create the functionality of the website through using PHP and HTML code to connect to the database. My other group members, Callum and Michael agreed that they were both more suited on designing the website by using CSS and planning the wireframe and colour scheme.


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