The structure of my blog

We have been asked to do a blog post explaining the structure of our web blog, and why we think this is the best way to present our work.


The text I use for my blog is the default font text set by the theme I chose in wordpress. I haven’t changed it one because you have to be a premium member and, two because the font is clear. I also haven’t changed the colours of the default font colour as I like the different shades of black for the fonts as it’s simple but still effective.

Images & Video:

For any images I upload, I make them have a centre alignment and I change the width of the media file to be 693px as this is a similar width to the width of the text. I did this so it looks organised and neat.

Categories & tags:

For any categories that I add, they relate to the unit that I am currently studying. Hence this one will have the Category: Design for Digital Media Environments.

For any tags that I add, they will be tags that are mentioned in the blog. For instance when I mention PHP code or CSS… PHP and CSS will be tagged.


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