Animation – Stop Motion

For the animation task, we were asked to create a short Stop Motion that followed the theme of cycle. I decided to do a hand drawing of a tree growing from the ground. To create a Stop Motion in this case, a picture had to be taken after each new part of the drawing. Here are two of the images taken.26 40

Below is the YouTube video of my Stop Motion:


Animation – 12 Frame Looped Sequence

For the third task, I had to create a hand drawn 12 frame looped sequence that could be used in a zoetrope. I then had to create a gif out of my final drawings. I decided to draw a clock going around by the hour as it follows the theme of ‘Cycle’ by time progressing and being a cycle of many things. Below are the drawings of each frame:Clock animation

I then scanned and edited the hand-drawings to be the same size and to have the same or close enough colouring. Then I uploaded each JPEG to and here are the results:


History of Animation

Animation is a sequence of images that create motion. The first film containing a sequence of images was the ‘The Enchanted Drawing’ (1900) directed by J.Stuart Blackton it is essentially a silent film with stop motion animation. Below is a direct link to the video on YouTube.

As part of our task we need to create a 12 frame looped sequence then make it into a gif. Before this I researched the Zoetrope. The viewer of the zoetrope looks through the slits on the cylinder, then when the zoetrope is spun the user can see each image blur together giving the viewer the sense of motion.